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Friday, April 30, 2010

Write to Olivia and Joan

Olivia de Havilland lives in Paris. Joan Fontaine lives in California. Both of them read their fan mail and would enjoy hearing from you. I'm told that Joan receives so much fan mail that it is hard for her to keep up.

If you would like either of their addresses to write to them, please let me know or search the website Fanmail.bix

You can find nice 8x10s on ebay or Movie Star News


1950s Atomic Ranch House said...

It's wonderful that "older" actresses and actors will still reply or at least read fan mail...

Anonymous said...

thats so sweet :)

Sarah said...

I wish they would both do an interview with Robert Osborne from TCM. I would love to hear their experiences and thoughts from a bygone era of movie making.

Tom said...

Atomic, I know what you mean. I've learned that some stars do not reply, nor do they sign autographs.

Hi Zoe, thanks! I hope you like the new blog!

Sarah, I agree. I also would love to hear commentary tracks with them as well. Olivia just narrated a documentary film, so I would think she might consider doing a DVD commentary of one of her films. (Perhaps no one has asked her yet?)

Matthew Coniam said...

I sure would!

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