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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blooper reel with Olivia swearing

The first minute and 30 seconds of this is really forward to 1:30 minute into the video to hear Humphrey Bogart, John Garfield, Barbara Stanwyck, Gary Cooper and other Warner stars swear like sailors.

Olivia comes in at 5 minutes, 01 seconds, and says, "Son of a B----" and GD. Oh, Olivia!

I don't know what all these other films are, but the film that Olivia was working on was "Devotion".


Clara Fercovic said...

Thank u Tom. I haven't seen like any of these clips before, and they're in great quality. Added to my favorites.

Tom said...

you're welcome Clara!

Claroscureaux said...

Even her cursing sounded genteel.

Love her work. Great blog and photos!

KC said...

These clips crack me up. I always forget that only the movies were censored. The stars may have been more foul-mouthed than anyone!

Tom said...

Yeah, now I know why Loretta Young brought in a swear jar on the sets of her films. lol.

Lara said...

I like the one where she goes "Oh...christ...son of a b--." By the way, I've definitely been using that line ever since watching Livvie's bloopers.

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