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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Joan's Guest Appearance on "The Love Boat" (1981)

This episode originally aired November 7, 1981 (Season 5, Episode 6: Chef's Special/Kleinschmidt/New Beginnings) Joan's segment was entitled "New Beginnings".

Joan plays Jennifer Langley who reunites with an old flame Stan (played by Richard Basehart) on the ship. They met in London during the war, as Jenny explains to Captain Stubing (Gavin MacCloud). Stan, who is now paralyzed, is reluctant to rekindle old memories.

The 2 clips below run a total of 15 enjoyable minutes. Joan and Richard are just wonderful. This was the first time they acted together.

Thanks to: KC of Classic Movies for sharing this on her blog (March 2010) and to the Joan Fontaine fan who edited the scenes together into two wonderful clips.