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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Olivia in "The Proud Rebel" at the TCM Classic Film Festival

It's been fun reading all the blog posts on this years TCM fest!

A few posts to share in case you missed them:

First, Laura had the rare opportunity to see both an Olivia AND Joan film in the same day! How awesome is that?  First was the screening of The Proud Rebel (1958) and an interview with Alan Ladd's son David Ladd, who also appears in the movie.  Check out Laura's post here. Laura also caught a screening of 1940's Rebecca!

Also, the Classic Movie Man made it to The Proud Rebel screening, too. He hadn't seen the movie in over 25 years! Read his account here. 

Kristina of Speakeasy also caught The Proud Rebel - read her review here.

So much fun and excitement at the TCM Fest! Thanks to everyone for sharing your experiences!